Lebanon Leads ARASIA

Lebanon Leads ARASIA


  • Release Date: July 12, 2017

 The head of the Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission, Mr. Bilal Nasooli, who led the Secretary of the Cooperative Agreement of the Asian Arab States Council (ARASIA) for Research, Development, and Training on Nuclear Technology  has been selected for a second round.


The council consists of ten Arab countries, which are Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman. The ten countries agreed that Lebanon would lead the council for the second time during the annual meeting of member countries, held in the IAEA headquarter.


Mr. Nasooli confirmed that there is a growing need for a reform in the agreement as the region is facing tensions. He added that a technical cooperation between member countries and the IAEA would make a positive impact. Not to mention activating the secretary council’s role.


The ARASIA agreement was launched in 2002 as a cooperation between the Asian Arab countries and the IAEA. The IAEA funds countries with 2.5 Million Euro annually. Member countries with the aid of the IAEA execute technical projects regarding nuclear technology for peaceful uses such as: agricultural, industrial, and medical fields, etc. Member countries fulfill the demands of a secure and safe nuclear use in each Asian Arab country.


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