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Our senior management carries out our commitment to provide results above expectations while always employing our values at the forefront of our work. The leadership team’s years of experience in global, high-impact product development and delivery are the foundation for our success.

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Arnaud Lefevre (CEO)

arnaud lefevre

Arnaud is in charge of the international development of the business portfolio with more than twenty years of work experience in China, and six years in the Middle East and Africa.

Arnaud is Founder and Partner at Dynatom International in Switzerland. He previously worked in Beijing as he was CEO of Dynabond Powertech Service, General Manager for New Media Research Center and as the Sales and Marketing Manager at Debenham Tie Leung. Mr. Lefevre has successfully launched numerous projects including Eurosport in China and the official website for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Frederic Mouen Makoua (CTO)

frederic mouen

He is a senior nuclear engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the nuclear field.

His primary functions are Operations manager (operation and maintenance), Nuclear power plant commissioner, fire risk assessment, in-service inspection, safety analysis, and nuclear waste management.

Frederic has a Master degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA.

Aasem Abuzeid (Director for MENA Region)

Aasem Abuzeid, is the Director for MENA Region.

Aasem has been working in the information technology and online-based businesses since 2011.

He is experienced in Web Development and Content Management, in particular in the financial sector.

Aasem acts as leading marketer in the Arabic speaking countries.

He is also the webmaster and developer of NBN.Media

Our Key Partners

Dmitry Kovchegin

Dmitry Kovchegin is a consultant with over 15 years of experience in supporting international clients to work with the Russian nuclear industry. His support was instrumental in ensuring the success of his clients’ mission in Russia. ‘Dmitry’s critical areas of expertise include international programs management, market research and stakeholder analysis, regulatory analysis and support, including licensing, certification and regulations development, and facilitating communications between foreign clients and their Russian counterparts. Dmitry relies on the cooperation of a small team of technical and legal consultants and leverage access to a broad network expert to support his clients’ mission in Russia. In addition to Russia, Mr. Kovchegin also has experience supporting projects in Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Zhao Bo

Zhao Bo is the CEO of HS Tech (Beijing) Co., Ltd. He has been working in the Nuclear Industry since 2008 with a primary focus in Sales and Marketing for  Chinese companies and Multinationals. Mr. Zhao has successfully developed business for more than 50 companies in the Chinese Nuclear Market.

Lai Feng

Lai Feng

Lai Feng is a partner at Shanghai 2F. He has been working for more than ten years in the maintenance and training of the nuclear power sector in China with European suppliers in particular. Mr. Lai is also a consultant in the general industry, including the glass and office products industry.