launching China’s first nuclear heating program

launching China’s first nuclear heating program

On November 15th, Shandong Nuclear Power Company started supplying heat to its staff quarters and some of residential areas in Haiyang District, totally covering 700,000 m2 areas. It signals that the first commercial nuclear heating project nationwide was officially launched, which would lead to a new era in Haiyang District for the comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy.

The nuclear power heating program adopts the model of “nuclear power plant–the municipal government–heating company”. The government purchases heat, while the heating company pays by measurement. The nuclear power plant, the government, and the heating company are responsible for the pipeline construction and operation in their respective segment(s). It extracts steam from the second circuit of the nuclear power plant as a heat source, and then transfers heat to the end users through the nuclear power plant heat exchange station, and heat pipe network system.

It is noteworthy that Haiyang has seen a growing number of investors in new energy field. At present, SPIC, China Resources Power and China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited have signed strategic agreements with Haiyang City to implement offshore wind power, seawater desalination, offshore wind power high-end equipment manufacturing, nuclear energy heating and storage, hydrogen energy, marine pastures and other projects.

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