The largest merger in the Chinese power sector

The largest merger in the Chinese power sector

With the approval of the State Council, China Guodian Corporation and Shenhua Group Co., Ltd. merged into the China Energy Investment Corp Limited Liability Company.


China Guodian Group, a State Council approved company, set up on December 29, 2002 is a power generation-oriented comprehensive group, mainly engaged in power development, investment, construction, operation and Management, the organization of electricity (thermal) production and sales; also in coal, power generation facilities, new energy, transportation, High-tech , environmental protection industry, technical services, information consulting and other electrical services related to investment, construction, operation and management, domestic and foreign investment and financing business, independent development of foreign trade circulation operations, international cooperation, foreign project contracting and foreign labor cooperation business. In 2010, the company was selected in the world’s top 500 enterprises. In 2017, it ranked No. 397 in the world’s top 500.


Shenhua Group Co., Ltd. headquartered in Beijing , is a wholly state-owned company which was approved by the State Council in October 1995 and is an important backbone enterprise of the central government, which is based on coal and integrates electric power, railway, port, shipping, coal-making oil and coal chemical industry, Production and marketing of one-stop operation of large-scale energy enterprises, is currently China’s largest, most modern coal enterprises and the world’s largest coal suppliers. It’s mainly engaged in state-owned assets within the scope of the State Council’s authorization, the development of coal and other resources products, electric power, heat, ports, railways, shipping, coal oil, coal chemical industry fields such as investment, management, planning, organization, coordination. Shenhua Group ranked 196th in Fortune 500 companies in 2015.


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