Kuwait newest power plant

Kuwait newest power plant


  • Release Date: June 11, 2017

The Kuwaiti Government is planning to cover 15% of electricity from renewable energy resources by 2030. The Kuwaiti Petrol Association confirmed that its board of director agreed on the construction, the ownership, and the administration of a solar energy power plant.


The official spokesperson of the Kuwaiti Energy sector, Sheikh Talal Khalid Al Ahmed Al Subah, stated that the project comes as a result of the government’s strategic plan to diversify energy resources through using renewable energy resources, such as solar and wind energy.


Kuwait is currently investing in renewable energy, since it is one of the most power consuming countries in the world because of several reasons, such as the hot weather and its geographical location. There are seven power plants in Kuwait generating about 15 thousand MW. The country is aiming at generating 32 thousand MW by 2035.

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