Kuwait is interested in renewable energy in Pakistan

Kuwait is interested in renewable energy in Pakistan

The Kuwaiti Consul General in Karachi, Mohammad Khaledi, accompanied by businessman Ahmed Idris, met with the Minister of Energy of the Government of Pakistan’s Sindh Province, Imtiaz Sheikh, at his office in Karachi on July 1st.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the possibility of investing in the renewable energy sector in Sindh province. Consul General Mohammed Al-Khaledi expressed Kuwait’s desire to finance projects related to solar and wind energy in Sindh. He said that Kuwait Investment Fund and Kuwait Investment Authority are looking to invest in such projects.

For his part, the Minister of Energy, Imtiaz Sheikh, welcomed Kuwait’s desire to invest in the energy sector, and explained that he will put the proposal before the Council of Ministers. He stressed that Sindh is rich in natural resources and that there are many possibilities for renewable energy projects in the region.

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