KSA steps towards joining the club of Nuclear and Renewable Energy

KSA steps towards joining the club of Nuclear and Renewable Energy


  • Release Date: January 14, 2017

His Excellency KACARE’s Vice-President, the Head of the Saudi Delegation to the meetings of IRENA General Assembly’s 7th Session (IRENA), Dr. Waleed Abulfaraj, delivered the Kingdom’s statement on the occasion of the opening of the Session’s activities.

He also expressed the appreciation of the Government of Saudi Arabia for the efforts being exerted by IRENA’s Director and others officials therein in an endeavor to achieve the sought objectives, mainly to enhance the use of the renewable energy  worldwide.

He stressed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia embarks on building a sustainable renewable energy sector inclusive of industries, services, technology localization and qualification of human resources.  This was highlighted in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 as well as in the National Transformation Program (NTP) whereas the main frameworks have been identified to build up this Sector.   It was also determined that it was imperative to create a balanced mix of fossil energy and alternative energy in the Kingdom with an objective to generate development and prosperity on one part, and to enhance energy security on the other, through introduction of alternative energy into the mix of national energy.  The goal to be attained by 2023 has been set to achieve a (9.5 GW capaqcity) renewable energy as a first stage, including solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, and W2E

The Kingdom has also initiated the process of siting and preparing for its first atomic power station, with special emphasis on the infrastructure required in order for it to be used in supporting and feeding the electric baseload.  The Kingdom has also concluded participation agreements with a number of developed countries with a view to develop and localize small-sized integrated reactors (SMART Technology) to be used in outlying areas with small-sized and medium-sized loads as well as in industrial areas (zones).

At the national level, His Excellency added, the Kingdom has presented a number of initiatives under the umbrella of National Transformation Program (NTP) 2020.  The said Initiative aims at activation and enhancement the role of Alternative Energy within the energy system and the economic system as well.  One vehicle would be through the increase of local content in the value chain of industries, services, localization of know-how and commercializing the same.  One more vehicle will be the qualification of human capital required, as well as the integration of atomic and renewable power stations with national grids.

Moreover, His Excellency pointed out that the Kingdom is endeavoring to enable alternative energy to contribute to the energy national mix in consistency with both its local requirements and international commitments.  In the meantime, the Kingdom is simultaneously drafting its necessary legislations to regulate and govern these two Sectors.  The Kingdom is also introducing the necessary mechanisms that would stimulate the private sector to participate therewith.

KACARE will assume the role of incubator and work is currently underway with other stakeholders to draw up road map which hopefully will be ready in the first quarter this year.

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