Kovvada nuclear power plant needs land

Kovvada nuclear power plant needs land

Officials have taken a crucial step in the process of land acquisition for a nuclear power project that will be constructed with Rosatom. In the past, the project has been promoted by the Toshiba subsidiary Westinghouse Electoral Corporation in the United States. However, the country was concerned that the bankrupted company cannot fulfil its promise.

Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) and the central government, took up the task of building the plant.

A total of 8,4 square kilometers are required for the project, including 2,42 square kilometers of private land and 5,98 square kilometers of government land.

However, when the notification was given to the collection of lands, the process was being strained by the opposition.

In this background, the compensation of the recipients was taken over last year. As part of this, Ordi Dayanidhi presented NPCIL to 1,97 Square kilometers in Gudem, Ramchandapuram, Tekkali, KotaPaalem and Zirukovavada.

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