Korean companies are entrusted to the maintenance of UAE’s Baraka NPP

Korean companies are entrusted to the maintenance of UAE’s Baraka NPP

On June 24th, Nawah Energy, which is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Baraka nuclear power plants in Al Dhafra, Abu Dhabi, and a member in consortium that includes; the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) and Korea Electric Power Company (KEPCO), has signed an agreement with the Korean Hydro and Nuclear Power Company to provide long-term maintenance services for the Barakah plants, with the support of “KEPCO Plants & Engineering Services” (KPS).

Nawah Energy has also announced the signing of the Maintenance Services Agreement (MSA) with “Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction” of South Korea’s “Doosan Group“.

South Korea’s Doosan has more than 50 years of experience in providing integrated solutions, in fields including construction and nuclear power. The company is one of the main suppliers of the main components for the Barakah nuclear power plants and has a proven track record in providing maintenance services at the highest levels of safety and reliability.

Under the two agreements, a range of maintenance services will be provided to support routine maintenance, addressing power outages and sub-services to support routine maintenance activities. Those include; planning and implementation processes, as well as the provision of qualified and trained personnel from supervisory and management experts, as well as maintenance management experts, who will support the safety, maintenance and quality control activities at the Barakah stations, inspection, diagnostics, maintenance, replacement and other functions related to nuclear and non-nuclear components and equipment at the four nuclear power plants of Barakah, which include advanced APR1400 nuclear reactors with a production capacity of up to 1400 MW each.

All of the aforementioned will be conducted under the leadership of Nawah and in strict accordance with the UAE’s nuclear energy regulator’s quality and safety standards.

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