Kolin Holding

Kolin Holding

Kolin group of companies has been founded in 1977 in Elazığ at the central-east region of Turkey by Koloğlu family. It makes now part of the first 50 companies of Fortune’s list of 500 Turkish companies with an annual turnover of 1.907 billion USD.


Kolsan construction automative industries and trade Inc. is the first manufacturer of PVC tunnel type drainage pipes of international standards in Turkey. Kolsan JSC is active in the fields of production and sale of ready-mixed concrete, PVC tunnel- type (horseshoes section) drainage pipe, and water stop band. It keeps a leading position in the sector and owns market share of 80%.


Kolsan JSC operates in the construction sector with Kolin Construction for 40 years in major construction projects including highway, road, bridge, viaduct, railway, metro, high-speed train, tunnel, port, dam, modern irrigation systems, purification systems, water transfer lines, flood protection structures, industrial complexes, repair and maintenance workshops, pipeline constructions, mass housing, hotel, hospital, office buildings and military facilities, building- house projects, energy, communication and transport projects on all sides of Turkey and worldwide on a large geography from Libya to Azerbaijan and Uganda. It has foreign offices located in Baku/Azerbaijan, Libya/Tripoli, Uganda/ Kampala, Algeria/Alger, Saudi Arabia/Al-Khobar and Kuwait/South Al Mutlaa and extends its area of influence throughout the world with its 26 other subsidiaries.


One of the well-known projects of Kolin Construction is Istanbul’s 3rd airport project and the 1st nuclear power plant project of Turkey.

It makes part of the consortium composed of Limak, Kalyon, Cengiz holdings working on the airport project and also has the 49% share of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant project with Cengiz and Kalyon holdings.

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