Kenya nuclear program is postponed

Kenya nuclear program is postponed

Slowing economic growth and declining electricity demand could slow down Kenya’s ambition to commission its first nuclear power plant by 2027.

The economic growth projection of 6.3% for the year 2019 could indeed postpone the production of 2,000 MW of nuclear capacity in 8 years.  Ezra Odondi, chairman of Kenya Nuclear Energy Council (KNEB), gave this statement recently. The program in Kenya could be delayed by ten years, according to the manager.

According to David Gikaria, the chairman of the parliamentary energy commission, citizens have already raised questions about the effect of a nuclear power station on the Kenyan environment. Concerns that he hopes the experts will soon be able to lift.

“We may not be able to say what the effects will be on the lake and aquatic life, but we hope that the nuclear experts will properly address the concerns raised,” said the parliamentarian.

Thanks to this plant, the authorities hope to make available sustainable and affordable energy for the financing of development programs in Kenya.

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