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Kalyon Holding


  • Release Date: June 20, 2017

Kalyon JSC has been engaged and started operating in the construction sector with Kalyon Construction Industry and Trade Corp since 1974 in major construction projects including universities, hospitals, housing complexes, highways, bridges, tunnels, treatment plants, water pipelines, waste water and industrial plants.

It has been founded in Gaziantep at the south-east region of Turkey by Kalyoncu family coming from the black sea region. Cemal Kalyoncu is the chairman of the board with an annual turnover of 500 million USD.

Kalyon Construction Industry and Trade Corp registered rapid growth together with its subsidiaries Kalen and Ingaz.

Kalen delivered 2 billion kwh of electric energy electricity generated at the power plant from natural gas supplied from Turkmenistan to Turkey for 24 months.

Has completed river type hydro-electric power plant projects with installed capacity of 31.29 MW and 5.2 MW at Yağlıdere – Giresun, generating 112,121,000 kwh of energy annually and with an installed capacity of 42 MW on the River of Melen located in the District of Kabadüz – Ordu, generating 156,000,000 kwh of energy.

The hydro-electric power plant with an energy generation capacity of 80,000,000 kwh and installed capacity of 24.24 MW on the Creek of Tartun located in the District of Uzundere -Erzurum will start generating energy in 2014.

İngaz has been involved in the natural gas sector since 2003. The company started its operations with “İnegöl and Alanyurt Zone Intra City Natural Gas Distribution Project”. Since 2007, it provides natural gas to 60 thousand houses in İnegöl and Alanyurt in cooperation with ŞİŞECAM on the basis of the build – operate – transfer model (BOT).

One of the well-known projects of Kalyon Construction is the planning of Taksim square, Istanbul’s 3rd airport project and the first nuclear power plant project of Turkey.

Kalyon makes part of the consortium composed of Limak, Kolin, Cengiz holdings working on the airport project and also the 49% share of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant project with Cengiz and Kolin holdings.

The track record of the company is as following:

127 km long, 3000 mm water transmission steel pipeline, the largest diameter in use in Turkey

520 km water transmission steel pipeline

1000 km water system network

354 km highway construction

12 km highway road tunnel

18 km ø 3000 Waste Water Tunnels (By TBM)

18,500 residential and mass housing units

7.500.000 m2 various Building construction

10.000 bed capacity dormitories

1.000 Bed capacity hospitals and other healthcare facilities


The unique achievements of Kalyon Construction are as followings:

Turkey’s Largest Pedestrian Square

Turkey’s First Metro-Bus Road Construction

Europe’s Biggest Advanced Biological Waste Water Treatment Plant

First Company Generating Electricity and importing it To Turkey

Project of the Century: Turkey Cyprus Undersea Water Supply Pipe Line

Kalyon currently operates in many countries such as Qatar, Russia, Libya, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.


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