Jordan is Investing in Nuclear and Renewable Energy

Jordan is Investing in Nuclear and Renewable Energy


  • Release Date: June 10, 2017

Due to a strategic Jordanian plan, the country is investing in nuclear and renewable energy to cover 20% of energy production.


The Jordanian Minister of Energy, Mr. Ibrahim Saif has declared in Expo Astana 2017: “We have launched the third new batch of renewable energy projects, which will generate about 300 MW and may cost 400 Million USD. The private sector will compete to execute these projects and we will announce the winners before the end of the year.”


Mr. Saif also confirmed that his country is willing to accomplish the aim of covering 20% of electricity production by 2020 and that Jordan is profoundly interested in building renewable energy projects since it spends 20% of its GDP on the energy sector.


Jordan is one of the participants in Expo Astana because of its success in marketing the energy sector as well as progressing in energy projects, especially solar and wind power projects.


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