Jordan is Hiring Nuclear Experts

Jordan is Hiring Nuclear Experts

Key points of recent press conference held by Mr. Marouf Bakhit* on Jordan’s nuclear program on August 20, 2016:

  • All elements of the program (the Atomic Energy Authority and the Jordanian company of Nuclear Energy and the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission) are suffering from a shortage of cadres and need to hire foreign experts.
  • Jordan is not going to sign the contract of the nuclear plant project except after providing its share of funding and about 80-85 percent of the quota has been secured.
  • Jordan must be owner of part of the project.
  • Jordan needs to focus on small reactors to ensure the availability of electricity.
  • The report gave an explanation about the importance of safety in nuclear plants.
  • The report gave an overview of the Jordanian nuclear program which uses the Russian pressurized water reactors of the third generation.

*Mr. Marouf Bekhit is the President of the International Advisory Committee of the Jordanian nuclear program

Reference : Gulf eyes

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