Jordan energy crisis turns to the US

Jordan energy crisis turns to the US

The Minister of Energy, Ibrahim Saif, emphasized the importance to support financial and technical programs to a delegation of a visiting US Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Commerce. The US have historically supported financially Jordan to face recurrent energy crisis.

Ibrahim Saif explained the reality of the energy sector in Jordan, the challenges and achievements that require increased government’s efforts in the field of energy security and diversification of sources.

The government is looking to adopt new technologies to exploit local resources and diversify its energy mix, including natural gas, nuclear and renewable energy.

Mr. Saif said that the delegation interested in the list of energy projects in the country, in addition to the role of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as a point of providing USD 19 million of support to Jordan in the field of energy as well as several other sectors.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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