Jordan Atomic Energy Commission in Vienna

Jordan Atomic Energy Commission in Vienna

The head of the Jordanian Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Khaled Toukan, participated in the meetings of the seventh session of the Nuclear Energy Advisory Group of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which was held at the Agency’s headquarters in Vienna by the end of May as a member of the group since 2016. The International Atomic Energy Agency renewed the invitation of Dr. Toukan to participate in the new session, which extends for three years 2019-2021.

During the meetings, Toukan gave a visual presentation on the role of the Agency in supporting the nuclear energy infrastructure in Jordan and the importance of cooperation and internal coordination between the various agencies of the Agency to achieve the maximum benefit from the development of the support of countries, especially those emerging in the field of nuclear energy.

He highlighted the importance of nuclear research reactors in human capacity building and cited Jordan’s atomic research and training reactor as its central role in the training of nuclear engineers as well as capacity building in licensing processes.

Toukan called on the IAEA to promote the integration of the nuclear technology system in the Member States, where funding aspects are vital for generating electricity using nuclear reactors in general and typical small reactors in particular.

Dr. Touqan presented the program of use of the Jordanian nuclear reactor for research and training. He highlighted the use of the reactor to produce radioactive isotopes, neutron activation analysis, and the modulation of materials using neutron stitching technique, Materials Structures.

Dr. Touqan discussed with IAEA officials ways to enhance cooperation in support of national technical cooperation projects, including the Deputy Director General for Technical Cooperation, the Director of Technical Cooperation, the Acting Director of the Program of Action for Cancer Treatment, the Project Team on the Synchrotron Project, Hold a meeting with the Chairman of the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

He heads the Nuclear Energy Advisory Group of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for the session 2016-2018 Sweden, Argentina, Hungary, Britain, Ukraine, Romania, Canada, Brazil, India, Nigeria, the United States, Russia, China, Japan, France, And Jordan.

The Group meets once a year to advise the Director-General of the IAEA to assist in the development of industrial policies and strategies in the field of nuclear energy at the global level.

During the meeting, international experts discussed the recommendations of the Group at its previous meeting last year and held dialogue sessions in several areas, including supporting the development of nuclear power infrastructure and human capacity building, construction and use of nuclear technology and its applications, sustainable energy planning.  The role of advanced laboratories in the training process, especially in the field of neutron science and ion-ray pipeline facilities, and to explore ways of multilateral partnership with prestigious international organizations to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Agency’s support to the Members of nuclear energy.

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