Joint Spanish – Moroccan program to finance renewable energy projects

Joint Spanish – Moroccan program to finance renewable energy projects

Spain and Morocco have signed financing agreements for the first version of project requests within the framework of the “Spanish – Moroccan Energy Innovation Program” in Rabat. Aziz Rabah, Moroccan Minister of Energy and Minerals, confirmed that this initiative reflects the volume of strategic cooperation between the two countries.

For his part, Director of the Research Institute for Solar and Renewable Energies, Badr Eiken, emphasized that this version of the projects request aims to finance applied research projects and innovation, which allows the development of products that can be marketed in the Moroccan and international markets. These projects, worth 43.5 million dirhams ($ 4.44 million US), to be completed with the participation of many universities, research centers, social and economic partners, and Moroccan and Spanish contracting enterprises.

Eiken said that the topics of this program are of utmost importance in the context of the growing capabilities of renewable energies, while targeting matters related to the storage of hydro and thermoelectric energy, projects of smart grids and renewable energy applications in the agricultural sector.

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