Joint cooperation between Tanta University and Russia

Joint cooperation between Tanta University and Russia

Dr. Magdy Sabaa, President of the Tanta University in Egypt, announced today that the university is establishing a new nuclear energy program at the University of Tanta in partnership with Ural Federal University of Russia as one of the leading Russian educational institutions in the fields of nuclear energy and electricity generation worldwide.

The President of Tanta University emphasized the importance of the program to address an important and vital issue for the future of Egypt and the Arab region, especially in light of the efforts exerted by the State to exploit all its sources in energy production, in addition to the importance of training Egyptian youth cadres .

This came during a meeting with the University of Tanta, today, a delegation of nuclear energy experts at Ural Federal University, which included Professor Sergey Bechkov, Dean of the Institute of Nuclear Energy at the University, Professor Sheklin Sergey, head of the Department of Nuclear Energy, Professor Vladimir Belkin, and Professor Sarbelov Sergei Institute Director University electrical energy .

The Russian Federal Ural University is seeking strategic cooperation with the University of Tanta to create nuclear power facilities and electrical stations, with the award of dual certificates from both sides, said Prof. Sergey Bechkov, dean of the Institute of Nuclear Energy.

The two sides discussed means of joint cooperation on sending Russian students to study Arabic at the Center for Teaching Arabic Language to Non-Speakers at the University of Tanta .

The meeting was attended by Dr. Emad Etman, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Dr. Mustafa Al Sheikh, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies, Dr. Rifai Mubarak, Vice President for Education and Students Affairs, Dr. Abdul Aziz Abdel Dayem, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Dean of Engineering, Dr. Hussein Al-Shafei, President of the Egyptian-Russian Association for Culture and Science, Dr. Abdul Karim Abu Jabal, Dr. Zeini Musa Obaid, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Dr. Adel Abu Zeid, Tanta Ah .

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