Jinko Solar qualified for renewable energy projects in Jordan

Jinko Solar qualified for renewable energy projects in Jordan

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in Jordan (MEMR) announced on November 7ththat 13 companies were qualified for the third round of direct offers for renewable energy projects in addition to the prices of electricity purchased from each of these companies.

Jinko ranked first with 17.64 fils, RAI with 17.78 fils, CanadianSolar at 24.40 fils, FRV with 24.42 fils followed by FirstSolarCompany with 27.90 fils, Phelan with a tariff of 27.99 fils, then Masdar with 29.15 fils, then VOLTALIA SA with 29.36 fils, Neon & Catalyst at 29.95 fils, Hanwha at 31.05 fils, TBEA Xinjiang SunOasis at 32.95 Fils and at 33.90 Fils came Adenium Energy Capital and the last was Acwa Power at 34.20 fils. This means that the prices of electricity purchased from solar projects implemented by these companies ranged from 17.64 fils per kilowatt hour to 34.20 fils per kilowatt.

The ministry had earlier announced that these prices are 21% lower than the lowest price for the second phase, while qualified companies will implement solar power plants with a capacity of 50 MW each.

The Ministry has launched this round of projects by the end of 2016 to attract a number of domestic, Arab and international companies to produce 150 MW of electricity produced from solar energy and 50 MW of wind power, 200 MW for all projects in this round. It was originally planned to produce 300 MW, but 100 MW were withdrawn for the industrial sector. The contribution of renewable energy to the production of electricity is currently 8%, while 92% is of natural gas. The government seeks to raise this ratio next year to 16% of the total mixture, including 10% of solar energy and 6% of wind energy.

NβN Tip: The fils is a subdivision of currency used in many Arab countries, such as Iraq and Bahrain. The term is a modern retranscription of fals, an early medieval Arab coin. “Fils” is the singular form in Arabic, not plural.

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