Jinan breakthrough in the energy field

Jinan breakthrough in the energy field


  • Release Date: May 25, 2017

According to the Mid-Long-Term Development Program of Shandong Province, three large nuclear bases will be built by 2030. In addition, Haiyang NPP is expected to be operational this year. Shandong is witnessing a large nuclear equipment manufacture market opportunity for its projects.

Besides the two NPPs in construction (Haiyang NPP and Shidaowan HTGR), Shandong is planning the site selection of a third plant.

Jinan City, the capital of Shandong, is proposing to adopt the low-temperature heating reactor to serve the large-scale communities as well as the urban areas. This proposal follows the strategic agreement signed with CGN in 2015 on the development of small heating reactors.

Currently, coal is the main energy source in Shandong province. This pollution increases the public and central government pressure on the province regarding the emission reduction. At least 100 of such reactors are required, and nearly 250 billion Chinese Yuan investment (37 Billion USD) will be raised, which would impact the related industries worth of 750 billion Chinese Yuan (110Billion USD).


CGN organized recently a business negotiation meeting in Jinan city with nearly 30 enterprises. It pointed out that Jinan has certain advantages in establishing the supply chain.

As regards to the nuclear personnel training, the province has the Shandong University; in the aspect of the nuclear designing, it has the Shandong Power Design Institute etc. in the nuclear construction, it has the PowerChina Nuclear Engineering Company (which  participated in the construction  of Daya Bay and Ling Ao).

But the weakness is also obvious in Jinan and need to be improved: the nuclear related enterprises or institutes are decentralized, with very little interconnection, nor industrial clusters.


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