Japan powers Egypt

Japan powers Egypt

On August 9th , Cairo Electricity Production Company (CEPC) signed a contract with the Japanese Mitsubishi Hitachi for energy projects. The contract consists of reforming and developing two gas turbines in northern Cairo. The signing ceremony was under the supervision of Mr. Jaber Dasoqi, the President of the Egyptian Electric-Power Holding Company, and the Japanese International Cooperation Association (JICA).
The agreement comes as a step towards increasing the efficiency of energy and decreasing the emission of Co2 in Egypt. This step will trigger more power generation, less fuel consumption, and less maintenance costs.

The project worth about 109.2 Million USD. The payment will be through loans given by the Japanese Official Development Assessment (ODA) to Egypt, which will be paid in 40 years.

This cooperation is a good example for the relations between Egypt and Japan, as Egypt is eager to benefit from the advanced Japanese technologies.

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