Iraq aims at Russia for nuclear energy

Iraq aims at Russia for nuclear energy

A statement issued by the Communications Department of the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation (Rosatom), on September 6th, mentioned that: “The Deputy Director of Rosatom Company, Nikolai Spassky, on September 4th, received the Iraqi Ambassador to Moscow, Haider Mansour Hadi Al-Adhari, upon a request made by the ambassador.”

The statement mentioned that they discussed prospects for resuming cooperation between the two countries in the peaceful use of nuclear energy, while taking into consideration the historical experience of the Soviet era.

Rosatom is a government holding company with more than 360 industrial enterprises operating in the Russian nuclear sector, including all civil companies operating in the nuclear sector, in addition to nuclear research & studies institutes.

Rosatom ranks fourth in the world in terms of nuclear power production. And holds 40% of the global market share for uranium enrichment and 17% of the global nuclear fuel market.

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