Iran supports Iraq’s energy

Iran supports Iraq’s energy

Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardkanyan announced that private Iranian companies will participate in the development of the Iraqi electricity grid.

During his meeting with the Iraqi Minister of Electricity, “Loay Al-Khatib,” Minister Ardkanyan expressed the hope that this visit will result in the signing of agreements that were discussed last month in Baghdad.

Ardkanyan added that Iran will work to develop its cooperation with Iraq in the field of energy and will benefit from all the energies available in the country in the framework of private sector companies to develop the electricity industry in Iraq and reduce waste of energy and modernization of power plants. Ardkanyan said that he will hold lengthy talks with the Iraqi Minister of Electricity to discuss the possibility of cooperation in the energy market in the region through the development of cooperation with Iraq and other neighboring countries. He pointed out to the signing of the continued export of electricity to Iraq.

In turn, the Iraqi Electricity Minister said that the visit comes at the invitation of the Iranian Minister of Energy to strengthen relations in the field of energy and electricity and economic issues. Khatib explained that one of the important objectives of the visit is to follow up the consensuses and implement the memorandums of understanding that were recently discussed in Iraq.

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