Invitation to Turkish investors from Namibia

Invitation to Turkish investors from Namibia


  • Release Date: July 17, 2017

Obed Kandjoze, Minister of Mining and Energy of Namibia declared recently that the mining industry in the country is the basis of the economy and that there are opportunities for foreign investors in that field.

Emphasizing that Namibia is one of the best mining countries in Africa, he pointed out that they have active diamond, gold and uranium sectors. “We have mining activities even at sea, without harming the environment.”

Namibia began the production of yellow cake at the world’s largest uranium production facility, established two years ago. Kandjoze invites Turkish investors to invest in this sector.

One of the stable countries in the South Africa, Namibia has changed its taxation system in the past years to encourage foreign investors, thus it attracted global companies, especially those operating in the oil and gas field.

Kandjoze told that that there is a Turkish company working in the area of ​​cutting and polishing diamond for a long time and that there are lots of diamond reserves for those willing to invest. He stated that they have established transparent relations with the investors in the country and always listened to their complaints and requests.

He noted that the local companies should be multiplied and that they should process and convert the raw mine into the final consumption product in order to have an efficient economic development. “The companies that will invest in Namibia need to transfer their technology and technical know-how to the country. So we can reduce employment and poverty in the country. ”


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