Inland Nuclear could resume during “13th Five-year Plan”

Inland Nuclear could resume during “13th Five-year Plan”

The Deputy Director of the China Atomic Energy Authority disclosed that the site selection work of the inland nuclear power projects has just been concluded and it could resume the construction during the “13th Five-year Plan”.

Japan Fukushima could be prevented if correct preventive measures were adopted and handled properly after it took place.

Japan mismanaged it. During the outage, the reactor is still emitting the heat,so it will definitely damage the reactor if you never cool it. At that time, Japan didn’t want to cool it with the sea water because he was considering using that reactor for another longer period and didn’t want to totally ruin it. It is a big thinking mistake.

However, China has already used to Gen-III nuclear technology with higher safety performance. China is able to limit the accident occasions inside the reactor or inside the plant areas.

Now the preparation work for the inland nuclear projects has started with the Taohuajiang project in Hunan, Xianning Project in Hubei and Pengze project in Jiangxi. He reiterated that among the 400+ nuclear power plants in the world, a majority of the nuclear power plants were erected in the inland areas. As long as the construction complies with the safety standards and requirements, it has the equal safety performance no matter it is inland projects or coastal projects.

The inland faces a great increase in the electricity demand with the economic development. And the nuclear has low-level negative impact to the local environment compared to the coal power plants. Therefore, the inland nuclear project will be a trend and a must in future.

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