Industrialization of Nuclear Technology Application

Industrialization of Nuclear Technology Application

China-Japan-South Korea International Symposium on the Industrialization of Nuclear Technology Applications and the 3rd Isotope & Radiation Industry Development Forum was held in Beijing from October 23 to 24.

Lei Zengguang, chief engineer of CNNC and chairman of the China Isotope and Radiation Association, delivered a report entitled as “Status of Nuclear Energy Development and Nuclear Technology Application” during the forum. He pointed out that at present, nearly 150 countries and regions in the world have committed to nuclear technology applications, research and development, while the global scale of nuclear technology application industrialization has been worth of several trillion dollars, which lead to the economic benefits in some developed countries exceeding 2% of GDP.

However, in China, the output value generated by nuclear technology applications only accounts for 0.4% in GDP. It can be predicted that China’s nuclear technology application sectors will continue to prosper in the next few years.

Hosted by China Isotope and Radiation Association, the two-day conference invited 17 foreign experts and 13 Chinese experts. The topic covers the overall development of nuclear technology application industry in China, Japan and South Korea, as well as the latest technology application of nuclear technology in medical, radiation processing, industrial application and environmental protection. The purpose of the conference is to further promote exchanges and cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea in the field of nuclear technology applications, and to build a high-end platform for industry-university cooperation.

More than 200 delegates from the World Isotope Council and relevant government agencies, associations, research institutes, universities, enterprises and institutions from Japan, Korea and China attended the conference.

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