India booming market

India booming market

Chairman and Managing Director of Nuclear Power Corporation, Shri Satish Kumar Sharma said in a discussion at Vikram Nagar rest house in Rawatbhata on Thursday that if everything was going as planned, India would achieve 20 GW of nuclear power by 2030. He said that the government has approved 10 nuclear power plants for the first time together in the country.

It is expected that the work of all nuclear power plants will start within one year.

The existing nuclear power capacity is 6780 MW and 6 nuclear power plants are under construction which will add 4200 MW more. Apart from this, 4 units of 1000 MW have been under construction in Kudankulam and recently the government has given approval to 10 nuclear power plants, which will be able to be operational by about 2030.

Director Sharma added that in the next two years, India will be in a situation to generate electricity from a nuclear power plant every year. This will achieve the target by approximately 2030. After financial and administrative clearance, the first work is going to begin at Hisar in Haryana’s Chhutka, Jabalpur. Excavation of the tender process has started. Other projects will start in Mahi Banswara of Rajasthan,

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