Incident in Taiwan Nuclear Power Plant One

Incident in Taiwan Nuclear Power Plant One


  • Release Date: June 02, 2017

According to Taiwan news, the consecutive deluge destroyed the electric tower of Taiwan Power Plant One. The unit shut down automatically after the tower collapsed.


The spokesman of the plant stated that, due to the collapse of the 345KV electricity transmit tower, the Unit 2 cannot send out any electricity and was totally shut down. However, there is no failure in the electric generator and the reactor core. At this moment, the plant is removing the troubles and studying the alternative solutions for the power supply.


The statistics shows that the Unit 2 of the Plant One in Taiwan maintains the operation with 75% of the power till June 11. After that time, it will probably shut down and be overhauled as it has no fuel to reload. Besides, the fuel pool is almost packed.


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