Inauguration of the First Solar Power Plant in Tunisia

Inauguration of the First Solar Power Plant in Tunisia

The Minister of Energy, Mines and Energy transition, Mongi Marzouk inaugurated recently the first solar energy station in Tunisia “Chams Enfidha”. Chams Enfidha is the first 100% Tunisian project resulting from a Public-private partnership (PPP), located in the delegation of Enfidha (governorate of Sousse). It is one of the sixteen projects which recently obtained preliminary agreements for the production of electricity from renewable energies (RE).

These projects should contribute to lowering the production of electricity using conventional energy currently estimated at 97%. The national strategy is based on the diversification of energy production sources, the full integration of RE and the increase of renewable electricity production at 30% by 2030.

This strategy is based on the system of private producers capable of producing electricity with a capacity of 10 MW, as well as on the projects of the Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas (STEG) with a capacity of 300 MW. The work is also focused on increasing production to reach 1000 MW in 2025 and 2000 MW in 2030.

Marzouk called on investors to invest in RE projects and to take advantage of the State’s benefits and incentives to guarantee its energy security and to contribute to the total integration of RE.

The cost of “Chams Enfidha is estimated at 3.3 million dinars (MD), according to the director-general of the National Agency for Energy Management, Fathi Hanchi. It is made up of 3,000 solar panels to allow the production of 1.6 million kilowatts of electricity per year, which would have required the use of 350 tons of gas to achieve this production.

The Ministry of Energy has just approved six new projects in the 10 MW category, and ten projects in the 1 MW category (such as Chams Enfidha ) representing a total investment of 150 MD.

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