Implementation of the pier for El-Dabaa NPP

Implementation of the pier for El-Dabaa NPP

Dr. Amjad Al-Wakeel, Head of the Egyptian Nuclear Power Plants Authority (NPPA), stated that the contract for the construction and implementation of the pier for the El-Dabaa nuclear power plant project was signed last June, and is being implemented starting from this July, in coordination with the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces that oversees the implementation of the project.

The Chairman emphasized that work is currently underway to complete this project and finish it at the earliest possible time. The project was to be implemented within 21 months. However, the implementation period was reduced to 19.

Al-Wakeel stated that there are several circumstances that control the timing, the most prominent of which is the exit of equipment from Russian ports, especially during periods of cold weather that witness freezing water in Russian ports, which impedes the exit of equipment, but those periods were defined to work on avoiding them.

He explained that it was difficult to transport heavy equipment on land, and that the construction and implementation of this pier would have multiple advantages, most notably reducing costs, especially as land transport requires different infrastructure facilities, in addition to saving time and effort for the authority.

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