IAEA provides support to Al Dabaa project in Egypt

IAEA provides support to Al Dabaa project in Egypt

A delegation of experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is currently visiting Egypt to provide support and advice on the establishment of Al-Dabaa nuclear station and to discuss the authorization of the site.

During the visit, which will continue until the end of month, the delegation is to meet with the leaders of the four Egyptian nuclear bodies to prepare a report to be presented to the IAEA Board about the Egyptian efforts to maximize the use of nuclear technologies in the development programs of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The delegation, which includes five experts, held a number of meetings with the leaders of the Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (ENRRA); to include ENRRA’s experts in the study of nuclear sites and the review and evaluation of Al-Dabaa acceptance documents and the environmental impact assessment report of the first nuclear plant in Al-Dabaa. This came in the presence of experts from the Institute of Geophysics and the Environmental Affairs Agency and in the presence of experts of the Nuclear Stations Authority in addition to many experts in different disciplines.

Dr. Abu Bakr Ramadan, deputy head of the ENRRA, said that accepting the site of Dabaa is one of the most important axes for the construction of the nuclear station, and requires a number of deep studies. He added that the studies presented about Al-Dabaa, dealt with everything related to this project ecologically and geologically.

He added that these studies dealt with the period before Alexander the Great and the period of sinking of Alexandria and the northern coast of the floods and tsunami and the possibility of repeating this incident and the procedures followed in the case it happens again. He stressed that the studies unanimously agreed that all issues related to the location of Al Dabaa have engineering solutions and that the site is 100% suitable.

The ENRRA of the Cabinet of Ministers has completed the examination and study of 18 thousand papers, dealing with various studies conducted on the site of Al Dabaa to ensure its suitability to establish the station in preparation for the issuance of permission to accept the site and the acceptance of the site environmentally.

The Russian company Rosatom, the operator of the station, has submitted papers and documents for obtaining the permission of construction in preparation for the start of the construction of the structure of the four reactors and other buildings related to the project, including nuclear fuel stores.

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