IAEA consolidates cooperation with SNERDI

IAEA consolidates cooperation with SNERDI

On May 24, 2019, Ms. Gerardo-Abaya, Director of Asia and Pacific Division of Department of Technical Cooperation of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), visited the Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI). Yan Jinquan, chief engineer of SNERDI, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, SNERDI reviewed the cooperation process with IAEA in the fields of technical standards, personnel training, and international exchanges for nearly 30 years. It will continue to provide high-end think tank consultation, implement technical cooperation projects, and undertake international conference exchanges and receive visiting fellows to support the results of IAEA.

Ms. Gilardo-Abaya said that she hopes to continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in the follow-up projects, sharing experience in advanced nuclear energy development, and promoting and enhancing the level of global nuclear energy peaceful utilization.

During the visit, Girardo-Abaiya and her party visited the major special science and technology achievements exhibition hall of SNERDI.

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