IAEA and University of Sharjah Deepen Cooperation in Nuclear Technologies

IAEA and University of Sharjah Deepen Cooperation in Nuclear Technologies

The development and management of national nuclear power programmes require a systematic and continuous training for qualified nuclear professionals. This drives a need for developing nuclear education and training programmes and constantly updating them. In support of human resource development in Member States, IAEA’s Department of Nuclear Energy signed an agreement today with the University of Sharjah on the sidelines of the 62nd General Conference.

Collaboration with the University of Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates, started in early 2018, with the launching of a regional training course in the Middle East on pressurized water reactors (PWRs).

“Given the IAEA’s wealth of experience and various tools, our engagement with the Agency is critical for the success of regional training courses,” said Walid Metwally, Associate Professor at the university’s College of Engineering. “Using IAEA’s collection of educational simulators, the aim is to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and experience needed in the nuclear sector.

Under the Practical Arrangements, the IAEA and the University Sharjah have identified the following activities in which cooperation may be pursued:

  • Exchange and dissemination of information, including publications and sharing of experiences and best practices in the area of nuclear power technologies;
  • Participation in IAEA expert missions in order to assess country requests for support;
  • Hosting regional trainings, education courses and workshops on advanced reactor technologies, including simulators;
  • Establishment of and support to nuclear reactor internet laboratories; and
  • Participation in IAEA Coordinated Research Projects.

The University of Sharjah currently offers the largest number of accredited programmes in the United Arab Emirates. Of the currently 14,000 students enrolled, 4,000 are at the College of Engineering.

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