Human Resources in Turkey’s Akkuyu nuclear power plant

Human Resources in Turkey’s Akkuyu nuclear power plant

Marina Karaseva, Human Resources Manager of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, explained that the construction of the four units of Akkuyu nuclear power plant will continue until 2029. The first priority is the search for local expertise, in particular in the vicinity.

Akkuyu already designed the training center at the construction site. This center will provide training to increase the competence of the personnel during the construction period. A Community Institution was established at Büyükeceli.

Since Akkuyu Nuclear is the business owner, the company needs to be approved in terms of qualification and security.

The Community Council established in Gülnar ensures that all applicants that want to work for Akkuyu can apply to the power plant website in order to create a database and assess the resumes.  Akkuyu Nuclear needs more than 12,000 qualified workers on site during the construction and 3,000 on a permanent basis.


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