Huaneng HTGR construction back on fast track in 2020

Huaneng HTGR construction back on fast track in 2020

Facing the “second half” battle to contain the coronavirus pandemic, Huaneng Shidaowan Co., Ltd. accurately implemented policies to resume production. Now it has entered the fast lane. The construction of high-tech gas-cooled reactor demonstration project, which is the major national science and technology project, has been rolled out.

The first important annual task of production resumption is to connect the nuclear island reactors, steam generators, and hot gas ducts to form a primary loop system for nuclear fuel energy conversion, forming a second barrier to prevent the leakage of radioactive materials. On March 10, the East China Nuclear and Radiation Safety Supervision Office released the “before installation of hot gas duct” control point, and the equipment connection work was officially implemented.

2020 is the “year of tackling difficulties” in the demonstration project of high-temperature gas-cooled reactors. The tasks of the project construction are arduous and full of difficulties and challenges.

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