Hualong expected in Kenya

Hualong expected in Kenya

China Guangdong Nuclear (CGN)  and the Ministry of Kenyan Energy and Petroleum signed in Shenzhen Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base the “China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Kenya Limited and Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board (KNEB) cooperation memorandum of understanding to develop nuclear power. “ 

 The MOU is based on the Hualong One (HPR1000) to carry out comprehensive cooperation in nuclear power development and capacity building in Kenya, including: research and development, construction, operation, fuel supply, nuclear safety, nuclear security, nuclear waste management and decommissioning, and other fields. 

 The Delegation of Kenya included the CEO of KNEB, The Chief geologist of the Kenyan Ministry of Energy and Oil, a member of the Energy Commission from the Kenyan parliament, the Director General of the Kenya Energy Regulatory Commission and other members.    

In addition to the signing of a memorandum of understanding, the delegation of Kenya will study nuclear power construction in Guangdong Nuclear, operations and management, and R & D capability. CGN will conduct in Kenya training of nuclear power personnel, and follow-up cooperation plans undisclosed.  

 Kenya’s current installed capacity is about 2 GW of power.  According to the Kenyan government’s plan, it is expected in 2016 to reach 5 GW of installed capacity, and 17 GW by 2030. The Kenya Bureau of Nuclear Energy and Ministry of Kenyan Energy and Petroleum will be the future owners of the nuclear power plant, responsible for promoting the construction of nuclear power projects in Kenya from the government level.    

The National Energy Board in China clearly expressed its full support to CGN Hualong One (HPR1000) for the development of nuclear power projects in Kenya. CGN officials declared that the memorandum of understanding an active, “going out” strategy.  

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