Hong Kong’s role in the Chinese global strategy

Hong Kong’s role in the Chinese global strategy

China’s largest and world’s third-largest nuclear enterprise, China General Nuclear Power Group (“CGN”), today formally accepted college students from the City University of Hong Kong (“CityU”)to perform internships. This is the first time forChina’s nuclear enterprises to open doors for young students in Hong Kong. According to Mr. Huang Xiaofei, spokesperson of CGN, two students from the Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering of CityU will travel to UK for internship where China invest in the UK’s largest nuclear power project and another 2 students will go to CGN’s Research Institute as an intern.  This is the beginning of Hong Kong’s role in the Chinese global strategy in the nuclear power market.

CityU is the only university in Hong Kong with a nuclear specialty and has a number of high-level nuclear power experts. It is also the only university in Southeast Asia that teaches nuclear engineering courses entirely in English and has strong teaching staff who are nuclear experts trained by the United Kingdom and the United States.

Dr. Lu Binglin, Chairman of Hong Kong Nuclear Society, said that due to historical reasons, Hong Kong engineers and Hong Kong engineering graduates are familiar with the engineering system and legal system in UK. They hope Hong Kong engineers will have more opportunities to export to China’s nuclear industry in future to make a modest contribution.

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