Haiyan China signed another two nuclear agreements

Haiyan China signed another two nuclear agreements

Recently, Haiyan County,an important nuclear industry park in Zhejiang Province in eastern China successfully signed two nuclear power related projects at the “2019 Jiaxing High-Quality Development Industry Cooperation Symposium” held in Beijing.

The first one is the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement for a Heat Supply Project powered by Wind – Photovoltaic – Nuclear Power and Waste energy. signed with China National Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.,(CNNP) with a total planned investment of 4.6 billion yuan.

The project mainly relies on the advantages of Haiyan’s rich offshore wind power, photovoltaic resources, and Qinshan NPP waste heat resources to build nuclear power, wind power, and photovoltaic multi-energy complementary demonstration base.

According to the Agreement, Haiyan County will provide CNNP with no less than 200MW of offshore wind power resources. While CNNP will make an overall plan for delineating the wind, light, and waste heat supply resources in the block, and implement step-by-step development within three years.

The second one is the “Framework Agreement of Qinshan Branch of China Institute of Atomic Energy” with the China Institute of Atomic Energy.

The project is planned to be located in Haiyan County, to build advanced nuclear energy technology research and development facilities, and to strengthen the capacity building of reactor engineering technology, radiochemistry, post-treatment technology, isotope technology, special material production, radiation protection technology, etc., thus to build a nuclear basic science and application foundation research platform.


NβN tip: China National Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. will make full use of Qinshan NPP waste heat resources to benefit enterprises located in Haiyan as well as the agricultural facilities and other places where steam heating is needed.

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