GÜRİŞ cooperate with GE in wind power

GÜRİŞ cooperate with GE in wind power


  • Release Date: April 21, 2017

By the end of 2015. General Electric (GE), signed a procurement agreement with GÜRİŞ  for the Dinar Wind Power Plant (WPP). GE and GÜRİŞ engineers determine the most suitable settlement for the land structure and wind conditions. A total of 31 GE 2.75-120-85 wind turbines were installed with a team of 70 personnel and all of these turbines became operatives by 2017.

Each GE turbine turns average 20,000 times on a windy day and supplies up to 600 homes.

The smart turbines can continuously communicate with each other, with the on-site maintenance crews and technicians. It can be monitored in real time from a center by using the generated data by 150 to 200 sensors located in the mechanical parts of the turbines, through Industrial Internet technology. Thus, they continue to rotate, positioning themselves in both the low-speed winds and the strong winds. The necessary data for this is gathered by sensors and analyzed by GE’s “Pitch Control” software for each turbine so that they can be positioned appropriately.


With these turbines, the Dinar WPP will increase its capacity to 200 MW from 115 MW in order to reach Turkey’s wind energy goal (20 GW) and to achieve 30 % of primary energy from renewable sources up to 2023.

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