Graduation of first batch of students from China International Nuclear Talent Training Program

Graduation of first batch of students from China International Nuclear Talent Training Program

On July 5th, International Nuclear Power Engineering and Management Talent Training Program, jointly established by China National Energy Administration and the Ministry of Education, in Tsinghua University, graduated its first students. The graduation ceremony was held in Beijing. Liu Baohua, deputy director of National Energy Administration, attended the ceremony.

Liu Baohua said that in the past two years, relevant ministries and commissions have provided policy support and financial support. Tsinghua University has actively arranged in terms of teacher equipment, curriculum, and logistics support. CNNC, CGN and SPIC have fully participated in the development of international nuclear power personnel.

In 2016, the National Energy Administration and Ministry of Education signed the Memorandum of Cooperation on International Nuclear Power Personnel Training. Under the strong support of China Scholarship Council, in 2017, Tsinghua University officially launched the International Graduate Program in Nuclear Power Engineering and Management. The talent training program is a master’s degree program designed to respond to “Belt and Road Initiative” and nuclear power “going out” strategy, specifically for the cultivation of high-level engineering and management talents in the international nuclear power field. The first nuclear power program enrolled 24 young students from 8 countries including the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Pakistan, Ghana, Malaysia, Sudan, South Africa and Kenya. After two years of communication and study, the students successfully completed courses in related fields such as nuclear engineering research.

Representatives from National Energy Administration, National Education Fund Management Committee of the Ministry of Education, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, National Nuclear Safety Administration, National Atomic Energy Agency, Tsinghua University and ambassador from Kenya, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Ghana, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sudan and other embassies in China participated in the event.

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