Graduation of 50 nuclear engineers from South Africa in Beijing

Graduation of 50 nuclear engineers from South Africa in Beijing

During the visit of President Jacob Zuma in China, on December 2014, both countries signed a training agreement to support the human resources in the South African nuclear program.

The basic training program for nuclear engineering, organized by the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (SNPTC) was celebrated on August 13 at the Shanghai Nuclear Engineering and Design Institute (SNERDI).

A group of 41 experts from Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and the National Nuclear Safety Center were selected to run the training. The four-months program was divided into basic training, professional training, and in service training, all covering third-generation nuclear power plant design, procurement, manufacturing, construction, commissioning, maintenance and operation and finally basics of project management.

The students completed the equivalent of two semesters, centered on 18 topics and followed in-depth exchange with the Chinese senior nuclear experts to understand the cutting-edge technology of the CAP1400.

The students had the opportunity to assess the Chinese model of nuclear power industry supply chain, while visiting nuclear power plants and supporting units such as SNERDI, State Nuclear Electric Power Institute, Shanghai Electric, and other research and development, design, manufacture, and operation companies involved in the CAP1400 reactor.

Wang Binghua, Chairman of the State Power Investment Corporation presented the certificates to each student during the ceremony.


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