Graduation Ceremony of South Africa Civil Nuclear Energy Training Program in Shanghai

Graduation Ceremony of South Africa Civil Nuclear Energy Training Program in Shanghai

Recently, the graduation ceremony of the third phase (on-the-job training) of South African civil nuclear training project was held in Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Design and Research Institute(SNERDI)with the participation of SNERDI Training Management Team of Human Resources, the Training Lecturer and South African Students.

South African civilian nuclear training program is part of the strategic cooperation between Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (NECSA) and State Nuclear Power Technology Corp. (SNPTC). Starting from the first phase of basic training in April 2015, the two sides attach great importance to it. The third phase of on-the-job training was launched on August 10, 2017 and 21 South African students participated in the on-the-job training courses respectively in the State Nuclear Power Engineering Co., the State Nuclear Power Operation Co., the State Nuclear Equipment Co., the State Nuclear Zirconium Industry Co. and SNERDI. As the leading unit, SNERDI has set up a team of professional lecturers and arranged intensive training courses every week with case studies, regular exams and essay writing. The training achieved remarkable results. During the training, the project team also organized trainees to study tea ceremony, calligraphy, painting and visit traditional buildings, so that trainees could experience the rich and colorful Chinese traditional culture.


The third phase (on-the-job training) of civilian nuclear training programs for South Africans not only helped South Africa train its personnel in nuclear power, cultivated its technical capabilities, promoted the strategic cooperation of nuclear energy between South Africa and South Africa, and also established an international exchange platform for its staff to further strengthen the internationalization of talents

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