Giving more and more technology in China

Giving more and more technology in China

On June 26, 2018, China TechEnergy Co., Ltd. (“CTEC”), a subsidiary of CGN,signed a cooperation agreement with Rolls-Royce at the World Nuclear Expo held in Paris, France. Eric BLANC, president for civilian nuclear I&C of Rolls-Royce, and Jiang Guojin, general manager of CTEC signed the agreement on behalf. This deal intends to integrate their respective instrumentation technologies and experience in specific projects in both China and overseas and provide global nuclear market with nuclear level instrumentation system solutions that can further enhance customer experience and value.

According to the agreement, both parties will integrate their cutting-edge digital and analog technologies, explore new technology development, and introduce a nuclear-level DCS platform to better meet customer needs based on CTEC’s FirmSys and FitRel platforms, as well as Rolls-Royce’s Spinline® and Hardline platforms.

* FirmSyscan applytonot only all types of nuclear reactors, but also to a wide range of industrial sectors such as ships, high-speed rail, aviation, and other sectors with high-reliability control requirements. At present, it has been successfully applied to the nuclear grade I&C system renovation of Daya Bay, Qinshan, Lingao, as well as to some new built reactors such as  Yangjiang No. 5&6, Hongyanhe No. 5&6 and Hualong No. 1 – Fangchenggang No. 3&4, Tianwan No. 5 & No. 6 and Shidaowan.

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