German solar technology in Turkey reduces Chinese imports

German solar technology in Turkey reduces Chinese imports


  • Release Date: February 08, 2017

Desiba Energy, together with its German partner J.V.G. Thoma GmbH Solartechnik activate the first desert-type solar panel factory in Turkey produced by a German technology.
The 30 million Euros investment, under the Jurawatt brand in Mersin will be operative in April. The plant covers a closed area of 5.900 square meters, on a total of 43 thousand square meters.

The projects created employment for 400 people. The production target for 2017 is 200 Mw. The expected annual production capacity is 400 Mw.
Mustafa Ülkan Delikan, Vice Chairman of Desiba Energy stated that the global energy demand is expected to increase by 30 % in 2040.  The solar energy industry will participated to the transformation of  the entire energy system, and Turkey will be one of the biggest solar panel producers.
In the country, solar panels are usually produced by Chinese technology. However, the German desert type technology is at least 30% more efficient and long lasting. As a result, panel imports, especially from China will be reduced. The solar panels produced are expected to be exported to the Middle East and the US and to contribute to the Turkish economy in terms of production, employment and exports.
Delikan explained that it is difficult to compete with Chinese producers’ prices and added that their strategies as a company is to provide quality, research and development and 100% domestic panel production.
Hans Thoma, the Chairman of JvG Thoma stated that as a global solar panel manufacturing brand in Germany for 20 years, they invested in 6 different countries and continued: “We believe that Turkey is a very good investment center for solar energy sector and together with Desiba Energy, we will do a very successful job in Turkey. ”
Note: Solar power plants in Turkey are installed in southern provinces (Adana, Mersin and Antalya)

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