Gen-IV Fast Reactor Project expects to start this year

Gen-IV Fast Reactor Project expects to start this year


  • Release Date: May 31, 2017

Recently China Nuclear Energy Industry Corp (CNEIC)announced that Harbin Electric was awarded the tender to supply the oxygenator and deaerator for *Xiapu Pilot Project. Harbin Electric stated that Xiapu project will be China’s first fast reactor demonstration project.
Previously, the “Father of the Fast Reactor” in China-Mr. Xu Mi, told the reporter that, Xiapu project plans to put in construction by the end of 2017 and till 2028 China will probably finish constructing 6 fast reactors and put them all in commercial operation.
China Nuclear Electricity Power Company has statistics showing that CNNC Xiapu Nuclear Power Company is taking care of the project construction and the operation of this fast reactor. Xiapu company constitutes of several shareholders and it is a jointly invested company.
Xiapu is China’s major specific program. It aims to FCD in 2017 and put in operation in 2023.

*Xiapu fast reactor pilot project, located in Xiapu County, Ningde City, Fujian Province, is the good seaside nuclear power plant site. The capacity of this project is 60MW. Since from 2015 it has already started the tendering.


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