Gama Industry goes nuclear

Gama Industry goes nuclear


  • Release Date: May 31, 2017

Murat Özkal, General Manager of Gama Industrial Facilities Manufacturing and Installation Company, said that they are a very experienced company in the construction of industrial plants and power plants so that they want to take part in nuclear power plant projects also.

He stated that Gama’s management met with Rosatom to take part in various phases of construction of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) and started negotiations with the Japanese and French companies for the nuclear power plant in Sinop. “We want to use our past experiences on energy facilities and industrial projects for the nuclear power plant projects. The fact that these projects will be in Turkey increases our desire even more. ”

Mr. Ozkal reported that they have completed more than 400 projects in 25 countries worldwide and that they can take part in all construction phases of machine building where turbines and generators are located and electromechanical installation works.

Gama took place in several consortiums since 1978 for the construction of Akkuyu NPP but the project has been tendered three times and then canceled.

Speaking of projects in other countries of the region, Mr. Özkal said that they had opened an office in Tehran to follow the projects in the country after the sanctions against Iran were lifted. He said that there were many industrial facilities in Iran to be renewed. “We are closely following Iran with foreign partners, the biggest challenge in the country is the problem of financing, the investments will follow after it is over.”

He explained that the construction works of the liquid natural gas (LNG) plant in the Yamal Peninsula in Russia were continuing under difficult conditions on minus 50 degrees Celsius with a team of 5,500 people. it is expected to be completed in June 2018.

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