Fuel Handling Market Opportunity in China

Fuel Handling Market Opportunity in China


  • Release Date: October 25, 2016

Westinghouse held recently the First Annual Meeting with the *PaR-TZ Nuclear Co., Ltd to discuss the safety, reliability and the running efficiency of  the fuel handling system and fuel handling market opportunity in China. Among the 30+ operational nuclear units in China, 22 of them procured the fuel handling equipment from Westinghouse, which representing more than 60% in Chinese market share.

Fuel handling equipment matters significantly in cutting down the cost of the whole nuclear power operation, which is what the Chinese utilities are focused on.

Because fuel handling equipment has direct contact with the nuclear fuel, it has lots of technical difficulties in safety, stability, quality and standardization etc.

The fuel handling system has been seeking the standardization of the equipments to adapt to different nuclear technologies existing in Chinese nuclear market.


*PaR-TZ (China/Taiyuan) Nuclear Co., Ltd. is jointly invested and established by Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd.(TYHM) and Westinghouse Electric UK Holding Limited (WEC UK)with TYHM representing 49% and WEC UK representing 51%.

In accordance with the Joint Venture Contract, PaR-TZ is replacing PaR in China market in manufacture and sales of Fuel handling Equipment, and supply of related service and spare parts.



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