Framatome CEO led a delegation to China

Framatome CEO led a delegation to China

In April, Wang Shoujun, chairman of Chinese Nuclear Society, met with Framatome CEO Bernard Fontana and his delegation. Two sides explored new ways of nuclear energy cooperation in the future and hoped to further cooperate and exchange in the use of nuclear technology and the popularization of public communication in nuclear science.

Fang Wei, President of Framatome China, Ye Shaojun, and General Manager of Framatome Shanghai Branch, Shi Jia, Director of Enterprise Promotion of EDF China, Wu Haofeng, and Vice Chairman of Chinese Nuclear Society attended the meeting.

On the same day, Liu Baohua, deputy director of China National Energy Administration, also met with Framatome CEO Fontana in Beijing. They exchanged in-depth discussions on Sino-French nuclear energy development prospects, especially the market potential of small modular reactors in the future.


NβN tip: As a participant in Daya Bay, Lingao, Qinshan, and Taishan and Hualong No. 1 nuclear power projects, Framatome has been conducting fruitful and pragmatic cooperation with China.

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