Four new Nuclear Reactors will feature Hualong No.1

Four new Nuclear Reactors will feature Hualong No.1

According to reports, China’s new nuclear project approval has been further promoted. At present, there are four nuclear power units having been proposed and submitted to the Authorities for audit and approval, all using the integrated Hualong No. 1 technology. The four projects are Units 1 and 2 of Zhangzhou Phase I Project, invested by CNNC and Units 1 and 2 of Huizhou Taipingling Phase I Project, sponsored by CGN.

Industry insiders assume that 4-6 new nuclear power reactors in China are expected to be approved in 2019. However, the nuclear power plant owners are still cautious and believes that it is still far from the actual operational stage.

NβN tip: Hualong No.1 is still the most preferred nuclear technology for future reactor construction.

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