First phase of Fuqing completed

First phase of Fuqing completed

Unit 4 of Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) was successfully connected to the power grid on July 29, marking completion of the first phase of CNNC’s project in Fuqing, with its four units now generating electricity.

The grid connection will satisfy demand for power in eastern China, and contribute to energy structural adjustment alongside environmental improvements. In addition, it has provided experience and reference for the world’s first demo project of the HPR 1000, giving a boost to the domestic nuclear power industry’s efforts to develop a global market.

The number of onshore nuclear power units has now increased to 37 after Fuqing Unit 4 was connected to the grid, and Fujian province currently accounts for 16.4 percent of the total.

* Fuqing NPP plans to construct six GW-class PWR units. Its first phase project, from Unit 1 to 4, has utilized second-generation advanced nuclear power technologies, while Unit 5 and 6 have adopted third-generation HPR 1000 technology with completely independent intellectual property rights.

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